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Population aging is one of the worrying realities facing most developed countries.

It is a problem that affects both urban and rural areas alike but which proves more disturbing in the latter, given that the issue of aging is compounded by the problem of depopulation.

It is a problem which public authorities and indeed society as a whole must face up to.

One possibility is to develop friendly environments for the elderly.

Dwellings or public buildings, streets, parks or other buildings as well as heritage spaces can all be designed, refurbished or planned with the idea of being elderly people friendly. This work explores the possibilities and strategies to make these environments friendly in small towns in order to stabilise the existing population and attract new residents, offering attractive conditions for not only for the elderly but indeed for people of any age, given that a space which is friendly for the elderly is one that is friendly for everyone.

I centri minori… da problema a risorsa Strategie sostenibili per la valorizzazione del patrimonio edilizio, paesaggistico e culturale nelle aree interne / Small towns… from problem to resource Sustainable strategies for the valorization of building, lands
  • age friendly environments
  • population aging
  • depopulation
  • rural areas
  • elderly